300 AAC Blackout, 220gr JHP-bt, PNW 93578
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220 grain Jacketed Hollow Point Boat Tail

20 Reloadable Brass Cartridges

 300 BLK is a cutting edge design.  Powerful .308 terminal ballistics provide serious stopping power in a compact package. This subsonic 220gr HPBT round is ideal for CQB and covert operations requiring supressors.

Featuring Sierra MatchKing 220gr HPBT, 300 AAC Blackout brass, sealed primer, and clean burning powder.

  • Made in USA:
  • Item #: PNW93578
  • Manufacturer: PNW Arms
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 93578
  • Condition: New

300 AAC Blackout, 220gr JHP-bt, PNW 93578

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